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Created on 27 December 2018
Local Storage allows you to store data on the client side from the Web Storage API. This API accesses the local storage area of the browser without time limit, ie, the stored data will be available whenever you use this page/app. Also, we can use the session storage, is limited to the lifetime of the window.
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With this component, we are able to create variables in localStorage and sessionStorage. We don't need to store in local entities some flags/data, and we can create, read and delete "global variables" for the application. That avoid queries to entities to get only one flag for example.

Local Storage:

CheckIsSetItemLocalStorageCheck if a item is set in local storage
ClearAllLocalStorageClear all items in local storage
GetItemLocalStorageGet item from local storage
RemoveItemLocalStorageRemove item from local storage
SetItemLocalStorageSet item to local storage

Session Storage:

CheckIsSetItemSessionStorageCheck if a item is set in session storage
ClearAllSessionStorageClear all items in session storage
GetItemSessionStorageGet item from session storage
RemoveItemSessionStorageRemove item from session storage
SetItemSessionStorageSet item to session storage


CheckBrowserSupportCheck if browser support storage

+info: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_webstorage.asp

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4 Feb
in version 1.0.3
Very useful component. We can emulate Site Properties in the mobile side without query the local database from each screen.  It is a mandatory component if you are developing mobile apps.
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