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Firebase Mobile Sample

Stable version 1.0.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Firebase Mobile Sample

Sample mobile application using Firebase Mobile plugin
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Example app using Firebase Mobile plugin, showing some implementations of Analytics, Performance Monitoring and Push Notifications.


The sample app already includes configuration files, so if you decide to generate the application in order to test in your mobile phone, use the app identifier "".

You can also configure the app with your own app identifier and connect it to your own Firebase project. Just remember to delete the already included configuration files and to change the FCMServerKey site property to your own key!

Release notes (1.0.5)

This version includes:

  • Updated with internal changes to ensure alignment with Firebase Mobile release 1.0.5
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in version 1.0.1
Hi David,

I was trying to recode your sample app, i found an error while integrating performance analytics plugin, i guess its caused by the function '', can you explain the reason why?