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Created on 31 December 2018
Here I have compiled three of the easiest to use REST services to check a domain WHOIS information. Some also provide extra services as check domain availability, take a screenshot of the site, check if email address is valid... All those actions are available as actions that simply ask for the domain and api key (you need to register with the sites). It has a total of 13 Application Objects, but you can drop most of them if you're sticking with a single provider.
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Integration of the APIs of sites:

  • JsonWhois.COM
  • Jsonwhois.IO
  • WebCargo.IO

Those sites require a registration, but allow you to do several free calls every month that should be enough for non-professional use.

The actions available are:

  • check if domain is available
  • check if email is valid
  • get domain IP
  • get social media followers for a domain
  • get domain WHOIS
  • get IP location
  • take a screenshot of a site

More information at https://blog.nunoreis.pt/en/whois-service-in-outsystems

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