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OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 Connector to popular SaaS platform Auth0
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Auth0 Web Connector vs IdP

The IdP component in the Forge is great!  You can use both of these components to authenticate to Auth0, however they differ in protocol - IdP uses SAML 2.0, where as this component uses OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0.  With this component, you can use the Access Token provided by Auth0 to invoke OAuth2.0 protected services.


Re-usable component to enable authentication via Auth0.  To use:

  1. Update the Security Exception sequence in your OnException to call GetRedirectURL
    1. Pass the component your Auth0 domain, client id, client secret, and the page the user is requesting (e.g. with GetBookmarkableURL())
    2. Optionally, add any additional scopes your application may need, or specify any connections to external authentication systems, e.g. GitHub
  2. Redirect the user to the result of GetRedirectURL



Within Auth0, create an application and configure it as such:

  • Application Type: Regular Web Application
  • Token Endpoint Authentication Method: Post
  • Allowed Callback URLs: https://OUTSYSTEMS_DOMAIN/Auth0WebConnector/OAuth2Callback.aspx


This component is not affiliated with Auth0 Inc

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