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Rapid Strings

Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 15 August 2021 by 
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Rapid Strings

Customize & JS Strings Manipulation Function Other then Outsystems for Easy to implement and makes coding more lowcode
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This Component provides a set of actions which can be used to work with String Manipulation that is not provided by Outsystem.

 Suggestions are most welcome !!

Release notes (1.0.3)
  • Added a new action as 'CreateText'.
    • Create Dynamic Text so that the Orignal Text will be feasible for the person to translate the respective text.
    • Example :
      CreateText("Outsystems is a {1} Platform.","Low Code")
      CreateText("{1} is a {2} Platform.","Outsystems","Low Code")
  • Converted the module to Lib type.
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