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Garbled String

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 17 January 2019 by 
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Garbled String

Generate a garbled (random) string, with a specific length. Can be used as a function. Choose to use lower case, upper case, numbers, symbols, or your custom set of characters.
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Creates a string with a given length, a custom set, and parameters (use lowercase, user uppercase, use numbers, use symbols).

Demo page included.


GarbleString(Length, CustomSet, UseLowercaseLetters, UseUppercaseLetters, UseNumbers, UseSymbols)

Returns: Text with the length requested.


GarbleString(5, "", True, True, False, False) = WgyJe

GarbleString(10, "", True, False, False, True) = kva!rwr&vq

GarbleString(15, "AbBcC567", False, False, False, False) = 7CcC6CbBABbAc56

Length: Mandatory, Integer. Self explanatory.

All other parameters are optional, but one of them has to be used (either a custom set, or set to True one of the four optional params). Otherwise, it will return a default string. 

Using a custom set will override all other parameters. 

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