Noty Feedback Messages

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Created on 22 January 2019

Noty Feedback Messages

Custom Feedback Messages based on "Noty" a dependency-free notification library
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Custom Feedback Messages based on "Noty" a dependency-free notification library

List of Features:

  • 5 feedback types ( Alert, Success, Info, Warning, Error)
  • 9 available themes ( can be extended with your custom ones)
  • Possible to control the number of feedback messages on the screen ( defaults to 5)
  • It's possible to set the time for the feedback message to disappear in ms ( 0ms for manual dismiss)
  • Can be called entirely via Javascript
What’s new (2.0.2)
  • Refactor helper static entities to support the Reactive version of this component
  • Updated library version to support clearing messages in the queue
  • Added two new actions:
    • Clear queued messages
    • Clear visible and queued messages
  • Replaced the deprecated notify message with the newer events
  • Improved the demo application
  • Added the Secure and SameSite=Lax properties to the helper cookie
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This component is not supported by OutSystems. You may use the discussion forums to leave suggestions or obtain best-effort support from the community, including from João Barata who created this component.
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