SOAP Extensibility Samples

Stable Version 1.0.4 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 03 February 2020 by 
Created on 14 February 2019

SOAP Extensibility Samples

SOAP Extensibility Samples provides you with several server actions implementing common extensibility use cases using the SOAP Extensibility API. Use this component as a starting point for using the SOAP Extensibility API, adapting it according to your specific needs if required.
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Feature List:

  • Add/Inspect SOAP headers;

  • Add/Inspect HTTP headers;

  • Add WS-Addressing elements to SOAP requests;

  • Add client-side certificate authentication;

  • Change the service endpoint;

  • Enable MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism);

  • Use a different character encoding.

SOAP Extensibility Samples is an OutSystems extension providing you with several server actions implementing common extensibility use cases using the SOAP Extensibility API. The Extensibility API allows you to use advanced functionalities when consuming SOAP web services in Service Studio.

Check the "Use Advanced Extensibility" documentation page to learn how to implement your own extensibility use cases leveraging the SOAP Extensibility API.

What’s new (1.0.4)

New in this release

  • Fixed a bug that caused runtime errors when you added headers to a request or response (using actions like “AddHTTPHeader_ToRequest” and “AddSOAPHeader_ToResponse”) without calling “RegisterInspectHeaders” beforehand.

  • You can now pass arbitrary XML text in the Value input parameter of actions that add SOAP headers (“AddSOAPHeader_ToRequest” and “AddSOAPHeader_ToResponse”). This text will be included inside the SOAP header element.


  • Actions that return headers from the request/response now throw a descriptive runtime error message when the “RegisterInspectHeaders” action wasn’t previously called, which is mandatory. In the previous version of the component, this resulted in an unhelpful generic error.
    Updated the “RegisterInspectHeaders” action description, because it incorrectly stated that, if it was not called, you would get empty lists from actions returning headers from the request/response.

Breaking changes

  • Due to the new support for adding XML content in SOAP headers (mentioned above), the “AddSOAPHeader_ToRequest” and “AddSOAPHeader_ToResponse” actions now first try to parse and send the “Value” input parameter as XML. This might break some usages of these actions if you were previously sending XML as escaped, plain-text.

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in version 1.0.3
It is an amazing component to use where you want to use customize SOAP header authentication. It helps me to finish the project before the deadline. Thanks to Pedro Guimarães to provide the component.
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