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Stable Version 1.0.1 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 03 October 2019 by 
Created on 20 February 2019
This plugin allows you to use the native sharing window of your mobile device.
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  • Works on Android, version 2.3.3 and higher till 6.0 (For Version 7 and 8 still in progress)
  • Works on iOS6 and up.
  • Share text, a link, images (or other files like pdf). A Subject is also supported when the receiving app supports it.

Supported platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Sample Social Sharing:

Since version 5.1.0 (for iOS and Android) it's recommended to use shareWithOptions as it's the most feature-rich way to share stuff cross-platform. It will also tell you if sharing to an app completed and which app that was.

What’s new (1.0.1)

Thankyou for your support and feedbacks. Keep posting and updating us, It help us to improve our plugins.
Only Android - As requested by Matthias Preuter app can be extended with more Apps, like LInkedIn.

Viraj Kataria

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