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Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 07 July 2019 by 
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Shows a list of options in a dropdown that match what the user types on an input widget (auto complete). Extended version of Outsystems RichWidget "Input_AutoComplete" with helpful extra features.
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Extra features:

  1. Possibility to give an Element Id and CSS Class to be applyed when there's no results.
    • Useful to show some visual style when the search returns no results
  2. Minimum Search Characters to start searching
    • Useful to avoid too many results to show (e.g. just search after the 3rd character is typed)
  3. Possible to Enable or Disable the Double Click feature to open all the results
    • Disable the default feature to Double Click to show all the records

To change the Text "Type or Double Click for list" you just need to change the Prompt Text of Input widget associated with BetterAutoComplete.

Widgets Available:

  • BetterAutoCompelte
    • Inputs:
      • InputWidgetId
        • The Id of the Input widget where the user will type the text and where the dropdown list of options will be shown.
      • SearchOnlyFromStart
        • If set to True (default), results will be filtered to return matching lablels that "start with" the entered text rather than "contain" the query string.
      • CacheResults
        • If set to True, the results will be cached and fewer roundtrips will be done to the server. Only do that if your query returns all possible results and not a Top 10 or similar.
      • DelayInMilliseconds
        • The amount of milliseconds to wait for another character before showing the autocomplete list
      • NoResultsId (NEW)
        • Element's Id that will hold CSS Class stored on NoResultsClass Input when there's no results.
      • NoResultsClass (NEW)
        • CSS Class to be applyed to NoResultsId Elemenet when there's no results.
      • MinimumLength (NEW)
        • Minimum characters to start search.
      • EnableDoubleClick (NEW)
        • Enables the Double Click feature to show list. If True, MinimumLenght should be zero for it to work.

Actions Available:

  • BetterAutoComplete_GetIdentifier
    • Inputs:
      • InputWidgetId
        • The 'Id' runtime property of the Input widget bound to the Input_AutoComplete widget.
      • PreviousIdentifier
        • The identifier of the previously selected value which is returned when no changes occurr.
    • Outputs:
      • Identifier
        • The identifier of the currently selected value.
  • BetterAutoComplete_ShowList
    • Inputs:
      • InputWidgetId
        • The 'Id' runtime property of the Input widget bound to the Input_AutoComplete widget.
      • List
        • The list of options filled with 'BetterAutoComplete_ListEntry' records.

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