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ObjectToRecordList (Using C# Reflection)

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ObjectToRecordList (Using C# Reflection)

With this component you can create input/output parameters of generic type "Object", passing any kind of structs of Records or RecordList with the platform function "ToObject(Record/RecordList)" and convert them back from "ObjectToRecordList. This component receive any kind of object struct and read its properties and data. You may use JSON serialization for the same cause, however, with C# reflection this component is very performatic and may no need to perform two operations: Serialize/Deserialize such in JSON.
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Unique Function:  ObjectToRecordList(Object)

Output Parameters:

- List of "RecordList_Fields" with the fields names and datatypes of the record passed as object;

- List of "RecordList_Data" with the data row number, field id and content converted in plain text.

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