HTTP Fire and Forget

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Implements the Fire-and-Forget Method HTTP for GET or POST requests. You can set the request timeout for REST API`s. With this method you can implement in OutSystems your own "Timer" processes passing parameters and setting a custom timeout to process requests asynchronous. This implementation is very simple of the Fire-and-Forget pattern using the .NET/C# multithreading methods.
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There are two main methods:


The "Get" method runs http get requests and the "Post" method runs post requests.

Implementation Guide for Fire-And-Forget standard processes in OutSystems:

1. Create a REST api with Get or Post method and your custom parameters. You may set the API with the HTTP Security as "None" and Internal Access Only if you would like to call as "http://localhost" in the requests;

2. Implement your asynchronous logic in the API method;

3. Use the above methods Fire-And-Forget to trigger your process with a custom Timeout.

Note: With this implementation you may not have control over the Job request running asynchronous in the IIS server, so be careful with your implementation. If you would like to create a cancel option, you may create a control entity or use a custom Site Property for this purpose.

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