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Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 19 March 2019 by 
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Easily manage and monitor AO (Application Objects) usage.
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Problems to be solved
 - AO to be used for each project is not clear
 - AO usage in each project is not clear
 - There is no means for notifying when AO usage exceeds the AO to be used in each project

Please download and install AO Manager or click the "Try Now" link, and go to ABOUT page including 'How to Use'.

DASHBOARD: Can grasp AO usage of each "Project". Snapshot is below.

for v11

for v10

PROJECTS: Can assign AO to be used as Reserved AO and OutSystems Applications. Snapshot is below.

Happy AO managing!!

Release notes (1.0.2)

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