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Stable version 1.5.4 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Integrates with the PassSharp .Net library to generate .pkpass digitally signed passes. Passes are native to iOS Passbook/Wallet and can also be opened by android 3rd party applications. The library has specifics for passes, coupons, event tickets, store cards and is also able to generate generic passes. IMPORTANT 1: READ the detailed description CAREFULLY to understand how to use this library IMPORTANT 2: You will need an apple developer account to use this library
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Use this library to generate passes, coupons, event tickets, store cards and generic passes:

  • Fill in all mandatory fields in order to generate your pass
  • Fill the passType (check the documentation on the field to understand which are the allowed values)
  • Download your global Apple certificate from here and add the .cer file to the certificates structure
  • Follow these instructions to generate your own pass certificate and add both the .p12 file and the password to the certificates structure
  • Fill any extra data you find relevant and add your fields to the Fields list
  • Call the GeneratePass action
  • ...
  • Done!

(if you have an Apple phone your wallet will automatically open the .pkPass file; if you don't install an app that is able to read .pkPass files, such as "Pass2U Wallet", the app will automatically open these files for you)

All fields are documented and you can read additional documentation on the fields and the generated .pkpass package here

There are specific rules and renderings for each pass type. To understand how the fields will be rendered according to your passType, read the documentation here.

Release notes (1.5.4)
  • Fixed an issue with the certificates. Now it doesn't require to be installed on the server.

  • Add a Demo application so we can demonstrate an example of how to integrate with this extension.
License (1.5.4)

Used the API dotnet-passbook that is distributed under the MIT license: 

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27 Sep
in version 1.5.1
Very useful and easy to use.