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A file upload widget that allows AJAX submit, automatic upload with no further submit needed, with drag/drop and image preview that works on all browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. It uses the awesome FilePond javascript library. by Rik Schennink. Drag & drop or browse files, ajax submit, multiple files, image preview, restrict by file type and size.
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An AJAX file upload widget using the awesome FilePond javascript library. by Rik Schennink

Includes support for drag & drop in Internet Explorer 11 via polyfills.


* Ajax file upload

* Choose from the UploadBlock and the AutoUploadBlock where no further submit button click is required

* Multiple file upload

* Instant or click to upload

* Select file via browse or drag/drop (including IE11)

* Image preview

* Restrict to specific MIME types

* Maximum file size

* Maximum number of uploaded files


* Drag the UploadBlock onto your page.

* Pass in configuration for the upload.

For the UploadBlock web block,

* Drag a text input control into the block.  This is for storing the tokens for uploaded files.

* On submit (can be ajax) call FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles() passing the submitted tokens to retrieve files.

For the AutoUploadBlock web block,

* Implement the FilesUploadedEvent event to retrieve files and process them.

In all cases,

* Upon retrieving the uploaded files, their temporary copy will be removed.

* A timer will remove temporary uploaded files older than 30 minutes.

See the FilePondUpload_Sample for examples of how to use the widgets.

What’s new (2.0.0)

New features

The new AutoUploadBlock allows users to browse or drop files for upload and have the system load them without clicking another button.  The block has a FilesUploadedEvent event which provides the uploaded files for processing.


Added configuration items DisableSubmit and SubmitButtonId.  When DisableSubmit=True and the SubmitButtonId is specified, the UploadBlock will disable the specified submit button while files are uploading.

Added Log configuration item. When Log=True, javascript logs will be displayed in the browser console providing some insight into the workings of the file upload component.

Changed configuration item MaxFileSize to MaxFileSizeMb to highlight the size should be specified in megabytes.

Bug fixes

The Label Idle configuration setting now correctly changes the displayed upload label.

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