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Created on 24 Mar
A file upload widget that allows AJAX submit, with drag/drop and image preview that works on all browsers, including Internet Explorer 11 and Edge. It uses the awesome FilePond javascript library. by Rik Schennink. Drag & drop or browse files, ajax submit, multiple files, image preview, restrict by file type and size.
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An AJAX file upload widget using the awesome FilePond javascript library. by Rik Schennink

Includes support for drag & drop in Internet Explorer 11 via polyfills.


* Ajax file upload

* Multiple file upload

* Instant or click to upload

* Select file via browse or drag/drop (including IE11)

* Image preview

* Restrict to specific MIME types

* Maximum file size

* Maximum number of uploaded files


* Drag the UploadBlock onto your page.

* Pass in configuration for the upload.

* Drag a text input control into the block.  This is for storing the tokens for uploaded files.

* On submit (can be ajax) call FilePondUpload_GetUploadedFiles() passing the submitted tokens to retrieve files.

* Upon retrieving the uploaded files, their temporary copy will be removed.

* A daily task will remove temporary uploaded files older than 30 minutes.

What’s new (1.0.2)

Fixed bug where upload control did not appear when no accepted file types were specified.

Accepted files types may now be specified with mime type, file extension or *.EXT where EXT is the file extension.

Added action to peek uploaded files without removing them from temporary storage.

The background job to clean up temporary files now runs every hour.

Unknown file types may now be specified as accepted file types.

Added helper method for common accepted file types such as text, documents and office documents.

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