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Created on 27 March 2019
Use the Data Grid component to build complex, scalable, and reactive data-rich interfaces. Enable users to securely view, explore and edit large amounts of data in a familiar, Excel-like UI.
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Use Data Grid to create enterprise-grade data grid interfaces. Enable your users to access, explore, and edit large datasets, in a responsive interface. Giving your users an Excel-like UI is more suitable and time-effective than designing a custom solution every time they need to manipulate dense datasets in bulk efficiently.

The features include:

  • Editing

  • Filtering

  • Formatting

  • Globalization

  • Grouping

  • Selection

  • Sorting

  • Virtual scrolling

Samples and documentation

To access the samples and documentation for the Data Grid component, install Data Grid Sample from Forge and then launch the application.

For the step by step instructions, check How to use Data Grid in the FAQ section.

What’s new (2.18.0)

Added functionalities:

  • Created the new GridOS.ExternalAPI.afterGridInit method that gets fired when the grid has been initialized.

Fixed Issues:

  • ExternalAPI AddRow method now triggers dirty marks on new rows.

  • Fixed issue with Group Panel on AutoGenerated grids.

  • Fixes on undo/redo functionality,

  • Fixed issue with AdvancedConfigs parameter on Number column.


  • Wijmo update 5.20203.748

  • Changed Modules and Application names:

    • Apps:

      • From Data Grid to Data Grid Web

      • From Grid Sample to Data Grid Sample Web

    • Modules:

      • From DataGridComponent to  DataGridWeb

      • From DataGridSample to DataGridSampleWeb

Reviews (8)
20 Jul
in version 2.14.1
One of the most powerful widget.
13 Jan
in version 2.1.6
It's the most amazing component I've ever seen. Although there are still many bugs now, I can easily fix and design according to my own ideas.
I am quite excited about its future.
in version 2.1.4
Data Grid is a great step forward and has massive potential it does feel like it's been released too early.   
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