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Okta API

version 0.1.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 01 July 2019 by 
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Okta API

Extension that connects to Okta. This is not an authentication API, for that use the IdP component. This is a connector that provides the same operations done in Okta Console Web Administration. It provides many operations like List users, Search users, Update users, List groups, Add/Remove users, Add/Remove groups , Add/Remove users to groups among others.
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  • Create User with or without credentials , recovery question, and custom provider
  • Set / Get User custom attribute
  • Remove / delete user
  • Unlock user
  • Change user recovery question
  • Add user to group
  • List user groups
  • Add group target to role
  • List groups
  • Create Group
Release notes (0.1.7)

Added missing result Task to the following operations to handle errors better:

  • ListUsers
  • ListUserGroups
  • ListGroups
  • CreateUserWithPassword
  • CreateGroup
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