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OutSystems.AI Team
OutSystems.AI Team
Created on 15 April 2019
Use the Azure Machine Learning Connector to communicate with an Azure Machine Learning Score Model in real time and return prediction results. Log deployment of component, including in which type of environment it was done in (development and production). You can disable this by setting the site property AllowTelemetry to false. This information will be handled internally in order to support decisions in further product developments.
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Key Features

  • Includes results obtained from predictive experiments created with the tools provided by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

What’s new (2.0.5)

Implemented fix for telemetry events.

Reviews (1)
by J.
in version 2.0.0
It's a nice component, but it does not add much value at the moment.
I would like to see that you simply can use the swagger to import the structures.

Furthermore, at the moment you cannot change the names in azure, otherwise it will break here.
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