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eCommerce sample
eCommerce sample
Created on 20 July 2014
Deprecated: Uses outdated OutSystems development patterns. eCommerce is an online store web application sample. It includes a storefront web application and a management back-office that you can completely customize.
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This sample features:

  • Checkout process with Paypal integration;
  • Shipping fees calculated automatically using UPS rates;
  • Keeping track of all purchase orders;
  • Managing products and categories, with very simple product content editor;
  • Quick definition of product highlights to appear in the home page of your shop;
  • Allow shoppers to browse the list of products and filter them by attributes;
  • Allow users to submit product reviews.

Change the base functionality and add new features to fit your unique requirements. Bear in mind this application was not built as a replacement for a global eCommerce solution, and may not be a fit for a large scale deployment.

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Upgraded to Platform 9.1 Bali
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