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Cool Data Mover

Stable version 2.5.21 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Cool Data Mover

A CoolProfs product to easily automate the export and import of data between environments on any platform installation (PaaS, OnPremise or Hybrid). This product is ISV licensed. See the text below the screenshots for the correct download links and documentation. Request a fully functional free trial at
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The Cool Data Mover allows you to easily automate the export and import of data between environments on any platform installation (PaaS, On Premise and Hybrid)

The Cool Data Mover is a licensed product. You can request a fully functional free trial license by sending an email to Provide your environment's activation code and we will send you a license. You can also visit to request a license.

This license needs to be installed on your OutSystems environment before you can install the Cool Data Mover.

On our website, you will find all the necessary files to try out the Cool Data Mover.

The following files are available here:

  1. CDM Manual -- This document will explain how to install the Cool Data Mover in your environment
  2. The Release notes
  3. The Cool Data Mover API documentation
  4. Cool Data Mover - 2.x.y.v11 - This is the latest version of the full application you need for an OutSystems version 11 environment
  5. Cool Data Mover - 2.5.7.v10 - This is the full application you need for an OutSystems version 10 environment. It is the latest supported version for v10 environments.

Link to the download page:

What’s new (2.5.21)

New features

  • Moved the option to select the roles for moving user authorization to the package settings screen, enabling the setup of moving user data during package creation.
  • Changed the option from ‘show all roles’ to ‘show roles in package modules’ on the role selection screen.
  • Disabled the selection check box on an entity when managed by user authorization
  • Improved the messages on the upload definition window when comparing the uploaded data model to the actual data model.
  • Improved the message in the ‘Handing during import’ and ‘Which records to export’ columns on the import/export overview screens for entities handled by the ‘move referenced users’ option.
  • Added the option to send the API Key in a separate header when using the CDM API.
  • Improved the CDM API documentation by adding examples.


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in 'Failed to upload a new package definition'.
  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in v2.5.20 in which matching was performed while no matching (and no matching attribute) was specified. This resulted in the insert of the first record and all subsequent records were matched to that first one.


  • Removed the option to dismiss upload messages.

Reviews (5)
in version 2.3.0
Moving production data back into the DTA environments was always a challenge, especially considering the GDPR regulations. The built-in data scrambler makes the monumental feat of data migration a walk in the park. Brilliant product!
in version 2.3.0
This is by far the most comprehensive data toolset available for the Outsystems platform. Several data operations are supported like export, import, delete, anonymize and filter data. You can easily setup various scenario's to automate complex data operations and activate them with just one-click. For example, you can setup a scenario where you want to restore a backup over and over again, which is very usefull in a training environment where you want to reinstall the original dataset. Or, when you want to synchronize two environments. Or, when you want to move one specific dataset from one environment to another in order to reproduce a defect. The data mover provides lot's of good stuff, try it out! Use the tutorial to experience various scenario's.
in version 2.3.0
Perfect data-migrations across all stages of your infrastructure based upon the data models in the factory, no coding required! (even moving PaaS data to on premise or vice versa)
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