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Please, do not use the download button! This product is ISV licensed. Read the text below the screenshots for the correct download links and documentation. Request a fully functional free trial at
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The Cool Data Mover allows you to easily automate the export and import of data between environments on any platform installation (PaaS, On Premise and Hybrid)

The Cool Data Mover is a licensed product. You can request a fully functional free trial license by sending an email to Please,  provide your environments activation code and we will send you a license. You can also visit to request a license.

This license needs to be installed on your OutSystems environment before you can install the Cool Data Mover.

On our website, you will find all the necessary files to try out the Cool Data Mover. The tutorial is optional but it will provide detailed guidance through the Cool Data Mover.

The following files are available here:

  1. CDM Manual v1.7 -- This document will explain how to install the Cool Data Mover on your environment
  2. CDM Tutorial v1.5 -- This document will help you learn using the Data Mover by explaining different scenario's based on the provided CoolAir demo application (see point 3)
  3. CoolAir_Public_v6 -- This zip file contains all the necessary files to complete the tutorial
  4. Cool Data Mover - 2.3.12.v10 - This is the full application you need for an OutSystems version 10 environment
  5. Cool Data Mover - 2.3.12.v11 - This is the full application you need for an OutSystems version 11 environment

Link to download page:

What’s new (2.3.12)

New features

  • Added prevention of overwrites of ServiceCenter user information. Also preventing overwrite of the Admin user of the Users Tenant.
  • Added more detailed logging for the number of rows imported/exported
  • Added a test filter result feature. Now you can check how many records are found based on the configured filter before doing an export.
  • Changed the filter attribute selection so that you can select the same attribute multiple times while building a filter.
  • Added the feature to delete the content of the related OSEVT* tables for entities which expose their process events.
  • Automatically select all FK attributes of a link table as match attributes when that table only contains FK attributes.
  • Added sort order to the FilterDown process
  • Added support for performing moves between servers with different default locales.
  • Added a feature in which a default anonymization option is selected based upon the data type and/or name of the attribute.
  • Added support for large binaries
  • Removed the ‘Max rows for binaries’ option
  • Added the option to replace attribute content with a specified value
  • Adjusted the monitoring to show the active entities on top
  • Added the package option to perform updates on matched records
  • Added the possibility to include an environment sticker
  • Added the environment acronym and made is available in the title Fixed an issue with showing the latest 10 imports


  • Fixed an issue whereby exporting entities that Foreign keys to Lookup entities resulted in duplicates in the export keys.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting entities that contain Foreign keys to Lookup entities for which the delete rule is set to Ignore and which contain a reference to records that no longer exist.
  • Fixed an issue with importing entities that contain binaries. The import was incorrectly split up into smaller binary file parts.
  • Fixed an issue when the Cool Data Mover is installed in a different catalog then main
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect logging in the general log
  • Fixed an issue with the delete validations of tables (views) which are created when a process exposes its process entity.
  • Fixed an issue with the package definition upload whereby unused entities were not deleted from the package
  • Added the feature to preserve the anonymization options during download and upload of package definitions.
  • Fixed an issue with deadlocks on the monitoring during the ‘down’ phase of a filtered export.
  • Fixed an issue with the filtered export of whereby the filtering was not correctly applied to static entities during the writing of filtered records to the files.
  • Fixed an issue with the timing of export-up process concerning the insert of filter keys.
  • Fixed an issue which caused an error on the User Interface when skipping an attribute from the validation messages
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when filtering on entities with long (>25chars) names
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when the anonymization process encountered non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the CDM_Crypto extension. Replaced with CDM_CryptoServices
  • Fixed an issue with the unavailability of the unzip button for zip file in the File Explorer
  • Fixed an issue with generated filter queries incorrectly being ended by a semi-colon in Oracle.
  • Fixed an issue with an index on the hash key table on Oracle.  The index is now compatible with a default block size of 8192. Added the option to use binary match attributes in lookup entities
  • Fixed an issue with determining the correct Catalog name for CDM key tables.
  • Fixed an issue with checking the existence of the export directory
  • Fixed an issue with empty (but not NULL) binaries.


Additionally for Oracle users please make sure the database user under which the CDM connects to the database (normally OSRUNTIME) is granted execute rights on the packages SYS.DBMS_CRYPTO and SYS.DBMS_LOB.

Reviews (5)
25 May
in version 2.3.0
Moving production data back into the DTA environments was always a challenge, especially considering the GDPR regulations. The built-in data scrambler makes the monumental feat of data migration a walk in the park. Brilliant product!
11 May
in version 2.3.0
This is by far the most comprehensive data toolset available for the Outsystems platform. Several data operations are supported like export, import, delete, anonymize and filter data. You can easily setup various scenario's to automate complex data operations and activate them with just one-click. For example, you can setup a scenario where you want to restore a backup over and over again, which is very usefull in a training environment where you want to reinstall the original dataset. Or, when you want to synchronize two environments. Or, when you want to move one specific dataset from one environment to another in order to reproduce a defect. The data mover provides lot's of good stuff, try it out! Use the tutorial to experience various scenario's.
10 May
in version 2.3.0
Perfect data-migrations across all stages of your infrastructure based upon the data models in the factory, no coding required! (even moving PaaS data to on premise or vice versa)
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