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OutSystems.AI Team
Created on 13 May
Component to perform multiple operations involving text analysis, such as: Key Phrase Detection; Sentiment Analysis, Language Detection, Spell Check or Speech-to-Text Transcription.
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Component to perform multiple operations involving text analysis, such as:

  • Key Phrase Detection

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Language Detection

  • Spell Checking

  • Speech to Text Transcription

Key Features

  • Key phrase detection

Receives a text as an input as well as the language code of the text to be analyzed. 

Analyzes the text and highlights the key phrases that were found.

  • Sentiment analysis

Receives a text as an input parameter as well as a language code.

Scores the received text on its sentiment and following a sentiment scale of 0% to 100%, where:

Negative: 0% - 39% Neutral: 40% - 69% Positive: 70% - 100%

  • Language detection

Receives a text and returns the language code corresponding to the detected language in the text.

  • Spell Check

Receives a text and a market code as input parameters.

Detects spelling mistakes in the text and returns the errors. Also suggests alternative spellings for those errors.

The suggestions are ordered by a confidence score.

  • Speech To Text Transcription

Server action that receives an audio file as input parameter as well as its file format, the language code to identify the spoken language to be recognized and the profanity mode that specifies what to do in the case of receiving an audio file with profanity in it.

How to use this component?


To use this component:

  1. Create or use your Microsoft Azure account and go to the Microsoft Azure Portal

  2. Create or use a  resource group under that same account.

  3. Under the resource group previously created create a resource for the Text Analytics service, for the Bing Spell Check API and for the Speech Services.

  4. In Service Center, go to the component dependencies and click on  AzureCognitiveServicesConnector to access its Site Properties tab. 

  5. Fill in the subscription key for the OcpApimSubscriptionKey_TextAnalyticsAPI, OcpApimSubscriptionKey_SpellCheckAPI and OcpApimSubscriptionKey_SpeechAPI Site Properties.

  6. Check how to use the different features in your applications.

What’s new (2.2.0)
  • Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • CustomRegion and CustomKey parameters to support different instances of the services (used as dependencies) in your Azure account for different regions.
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16 May
in version 2.0.0
Easy to implement, good instructions on how to setup Azure resource group and text analysis services.
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