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SQL Sandbox

Stable version 3.3.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 22 May (13 days ago) by 
 (34 ratings)

SQL Sandbox

Execute SQL statements on the platform database.
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Allows execution of arbitrary SQL statements on the platform database.

Useful for troubleshooting and cleaning up data in development environments.

Use with caution.

Release notes (3.3.3)

Added capability to view SQL Execution Plans 

License (3.3.3)
Reviews (18)
9 Feb
in version 3.3.1
Fantastically useful. However, if it could be extended to be able to access the log tables that would make it even more helpful.
6 Jan
in version 3.3.1
This tool is a must have tool for developers and DevOps in your team.
in version 3.3.0
Must have tool in any OutSystems project for a developer. It saves a lot of my time in reproducing and debugging issues especially with multi-step workflows, as well as access to data helps me in understanding the working of the Platform in a better way. 
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