SQL Sandbox

Stable Version 3.2.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Published on 24 Feb by 
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SQL Sandbox

Execute SQL statements on the platform database.
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Allows execution of arbitrary SQL statements on the platform database.

Useful for troubleshooting and cleaning up data in development environments.

Use with caution.

What’s new (3.2.7)
  • Removed DDL 'full' permission; because it is unsupported by platform
Reviews (9)
19 Feb
in version 3.2.6
Very handy.
26 Jan
in version 3.2.4
Great Job on this tool!
Ever since SQL Queries in Service Studio stopped supporting DELETE/COMMIT statements during Test Query, it was a pain to be able to clean up the database in development time. But this mimics perfectly the experience we used to have.
in version 3.2.3
Very useful and powerful tool! Love the attention to detail, and features like the auto-saved history of executed statements.
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