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Azure QnA Maker Connector

Stable version 2.0.8 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Azure QnA Maker Connector

The Azure QnA Maker is a cloud-base API service that answers your users natural language questions by matching it with the best possible answer from the QnAs in your knowledge base. These knowledge bases can be easily created from your semi-structured content such as FAQ’s URLs or support documents.
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Key Features

  • Uses the Microsoft Azure QnA Maker service to provide answers from a previously built knowledge base.

  • Contains methods for the QnA Maker REST API (v4.0) to manage knowledge bases and their content programmatically.

Log deployment of component, including in which type of environment it was done in (development and production). You can disable this by setting the site property AllowTelemetry to false.

This information will be handled internally in order to support decisions in further product developments.

Release notes (2.0.8)

Converted the connector to service module.

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