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Ratings & Reviews - Backoffice

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Ratings & Reviews - Backoffice

This project allows you to admin the Rating & Reviews system.
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This project allows you to admin the Ratings & Reviews system, so you can:

  • Administrate sections and its properties. The different sections are defined by the default publication state (so the reviews can be moderation before published), the properties (if apply) that define the ratable object, the time window in wich a review can be edited.
  • Moderate reviews.  In these views, the moderator can:
    • View all the reviews, filtered by section and/or by state:

      • View all publications from all users

      • View the reviews that are moderation pending; when the default publication state for a section is defined as "Moderation pending", a moderator has to approve that publication. Before that, the review is only visible for the publishing user.

      • View the reviews that has been reported by other users; when a user reports a publication of other user, and if the total reports are greater than the maximum allowed reports for that section, the commet pass to "Moderation pending" too, so only the publishing user can view it. 

    • Change the publication state of any not discarded review, approving or discarding it. If a moderator discards a review, the review and the rating of the user for the current object is marked as discarded, so it updates the stats of that object as its ratings never existed.

  • Administrate users' profiles. In wich you can grant (or revoke) moderation or administrator status to users.

Via a simple web interface.

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