Stable Version 1.11.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Published on 8 Sep (3 weeks ago) by 
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CSV Import/Export Utility
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This component allows importing or loading a CSV file to a List/Record list to be displayed and exporting a List/Record list to CSV either in Binary or Text

What’s new (1.11.6)

- Added Tags

- Added descriptions missing in the elements on server actions and structures

- Updated the documentation

- Updated demo to reactive and added tooltips to some elements.

Reviews (2)
13 Aug
in version 1.11.5
Works like a charm !!!
in version 1.11.3
The plug-in works well. However, when it comes to special characters such as "ñ", the program is giving me an output of ?. Is there any way this can be resolved or am I missing some thing?

Thank you and best regards!