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REST Integrated Authentication

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 09 March 2020 by 
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REST Integrated Authentication

Extension enabling the use of REST Web Services that require NTLM / Kerberos authentication. An example is provided for calling a K2 REST web service. Can use integrated authentication from browser New demo including an Integrated Authentication REST service
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To consume a REST webservice, add an OnBeforeRequestAdvanced to your REST call, and call one of the following Actions from OnBeforeRequestAdvanced:

Enable login for REST calls using the system's default credentials.

Enable Kerberos based Windows Authentication for REST calls with a fallback to NTLM.

Enable username and password based NTLM login for REST calls.

Release notes (2.0.0)

Added the option to use just NTLM without Kerberos.

Added documentation to extension Actions.

Reviews (1)
in version 2.0.0
I had no idea what WWW - authentication and NTLM even meant, but with this component it was a breeze. Saved me a lot, thanks!
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