Stable Version 2.4.0 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 5 Oct (14 days ago) by 
This tool provides a set of tools that achieve simple and fast test even if you run multiple tests at the same time. シンプルで、同時に実行しても高速なテストを実現するためのツールです。
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SimpleTestingTool has these features.

  •  Web Screen is not needed for describing test code, publish and execution of test code is fast. Using Service eSpace makes it more fast.
  • It makes confliction rare even if you run multiple tests at the same time because of using insert for recording test result instead of update.
  • You can check the transition of daily test results by dashboard
  • Automatic test is possible by Timer function.
What’s new (2.4.0)
  • The length of Result.ResultDetail got 10,000 from 2,000 to be able to treat a long error message
  • Added Excel export feature in Results page
  • After executing tests in Test URL Managers and Test Suites, some parameters get taken over to Results page
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