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This is a cordova plugin to assist in several video editing tasks without requiring server access. Current features: Video Transcoding Future features: Create a JPEG thumbnail from a video.
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Transcoding feature parameters:

  • maintainAspectRatio: optional (ios only), defaults to true
  • width: optional, see note below on width and height
  • height: optional, see notes below on width and height
  • videoBitrate: optional, bitrate in bits, defaults to 1 megabit (1000000)
  • audioChannels: optional (ios only), number of audio channels, defaults to 2
  • audioSampleRate: optional (ios only), sample rate for the audio, defaults to 44100
  • audioBitrate:  optional (ios only), audio bitrate for the video in bits, defaults to 128 kilobits (128000)

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