Chance - Your minimalist generator of random

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Created on 19 September 2019

Chance - Your minimalist generator of random

Chance is a minimalist generator of random [1] strings, numbers, etc. to help reduce some monotony particularly while writing automated tests or anywhere else you need anything random. Based on the amazing work of the people in
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You can randomize a many things, the features offered are:

On the basic types:

  • Boolean
  • Character
  • Floating
  • Integer
  • Prime
  • String

On the finance types:

  • Currency

On the helpers types:

  • Capitalize
  • Pad

On the location types:

  • Address
  • Altitude
  • Coordinates
  • Country

On the misc types:

  • Coin

On the mobile types:

  • AndroidId
  • ApplePushToken

On the person types:

  • Firstname
  • Gender

On the thing types:

  • Animal

On the time types:

  • Date
  • Weekday

On the web types:

  • Avatar
  • Color
  • Company
  • Domain
  • Email
  • FBID
  • GoogleAnalytics
  • Hashtag
  • IP
  • IPv6
  • Profession
  • tld
  • Twitter

These are all the things that can be randomized with this component (among with those 2 helpers)!

Once again all credits to

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