GeoNames- PostalCode Search

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Created on 20 September 2019

GeoNames- PostalCode Search

This is just a use case that allows user to - 1. Display list of addresses based on Postal Codes. 2. Select any address to pre populate the address details in a form. Based on and
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This is just a usecase that allows user to -

1. Display list of addresses based on PostalCodes.

2. Select any address to prepopulate the address details in a form.

Steps to follow:
Configure GeoNames API :
1. Create an account on the site 
2. After login, Enable access to the WebServices.
3. Enter the username created in step 1, in site property 'UserName' of GeoLocationServices_API module.

PopulateCountry Info:
1. Run timer 'GetCountriesInfo' of GeoLocationServices_API module.

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in version 1.0.0
This component don't run in several countries, and don't exist any information about where this runs. The demo, have a worst UX. This component like many others maybe needs to be removed from the forge or the owner of this component maybe needs to complete the documentation, and do some improvements on component.
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