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Exec Dashboard
Exec Dashboard
Created on 18 November 2014
The Executive Dashboard sample app helps you keep in touch with your key business metrics, from any device. It pulls together all the critical business data you need, and centralizes it in one app, so you’re never out of touch with how your business is doing. This sample app can be integrated with your back-end systems and full customized to your specific needs, in a matter of days
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The Executive Dashboard sample app aggregates information from several sources (like your CRM system) and provides intelligent and actionable analytics through an easy-to-use interface that works great on every device:
  • Access  information on any device:  executive dashboards, sales dashboards or even HR dashboards across tablets, smartphones and desktops;
  • Aggregated data in one single app: access information from your core systems like salesforce.com, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and many more;
  • Provide intelligent and actionable analytics: experience a simple, engaging and intuitive experience that helps you make insightful business decisions, and drill down to specific data points for deeper analysis;
  • Adapt quickly as needs change: as business strategies evolve, new dashboard reports, charts, and workflows can be rapidly created and made available within hours;
  • Present an intuitive user experience: provide a unique combination of interactive navigation and visualization designed to engage and guide your users through data in an easy-to-use way.
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