Amazon KMS Connector

Stable Version 1.0.6 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 25 October 2019 by 
Created on 30 September 2019
A simple Amazon KMS connector. With this connector, you will be able to call most of all common actions from Amazon KMS SDK. You will be able to create a new Key, set polices, list keys and encrypt/decrypt texts.
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This extension is can only be used with an Amazon KMS account.

You must know how Amazon KMS works to use this extension. Please check the Amazon KMS docs.


The following actions are available:

  • CreateKey: Creates a customer managed customer master key (CMK) in your AWS account.
  • Decrypt: Decrypts ciphertext. Ciphertext is plaintext that has been previously encrypted.
  • DescribeKey: Provides detailed information about the specified customer master key (CMK).
  • DisableKey: Sets the state of a customer master key (CMK) to disabled, thereby preventing its use for cryptographic operations.
  • EnableKey: Sets the key state of a customer master key (CMK) to enabled.
  • Encrypt: Encrypts plaintext into ciphertext by using a customer master key (CMK).
  • GenerateDataKey: Generates a unique data key. This operation returns a plaintext copy of the data key and a copy that is encrypted under a customer master key (CMK) that you specify.
  • GenerateDataKeyWithOutPlaintext: Generates a unique data key.
  • GenerateRandom: Returns a random byte string that is cryptographically secure.
  • GetKeyPolice: Gets a key policy attached to the specified customer master key (CMK).
  • ListKeys: Gets a list of all customer master keys (CMKs) in the caller's AWS account and region.
  • PutKeyPolice: Attaches a key policy to the specified customer master key (CMK).
  • ReEncrypt: Encrypts data on the server side with a new customer master key (CMK) without exposing the plaintext of the data on the client side.
  • ScheduleKeyDeletion: Schedules the deletion of a customer master key (CMK).

All actions need valid and granted AWS Credentials. AccessKey and SecretKey are required.

More actions will be available soon.

What’s new (1.0.6)

- Fix the region setup connection

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