Stable Version 5.0.2 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.0
Published on 10 Aug by 
Created on 12 December 2014
Provides advanced export capabilities to Excel and Word for both .NET and Java stacks.
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Excel export feature list:

  • Template based export (optional).
  • Write data on multiple sheets and sheet coordinates.
  • Use as input the output of RecordListToExcel or specify each one of the cell values individually.
  • Write data on the platform default format or keeping the format specified on the template.
  • Insert images.
  • Sheets cloning.
  • Cells merging.
  • Apply styles to cells (colors, borders, and alignments).

Word export feature list:

  • Template based export.
  • Replace text placeholders on the template with text and images.
  • Populate template tables with data.

We advise to download and install the component demo, as it provides implementation examples of the several OfficeUtils usage scenarios.

Built using NPOI 2.4.1 (.NET stack) and Apache POI 3.11 (Java stack).

What’s new (5.0.2)


  • New functionality to populate template tables with text and images (based on a template row). This functionality can also be used to create repetitive layouts (by using a table without header and borders).
  • Possibility to override the size of the images being exported.

Please refer to the component demo for examples on how to use this new functionalities. 

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