Microsoft Login Connector Core

Stable Version 1.0.7 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 03 September 2020 by 
MS Login Connector Team
Stable Version 1.0.7 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 03 September 2020 by 
MS Login Connector Team
MS Login Connector Team
Created on 17 October 2019

Microsoft Login Connector Core

This is the Core component to execute and oAuth2 Authentication. It has the action and the Rest wrappers to communicate with Microsoft to get and Authentication token. This component is necessary to use the Microsoft Login Connector Reactive.
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Microsoft Login Connector enables you to Login using Microsoft credentials with OAuth 2.0 from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). In addition to the actual Login, this enables you to use OAuth Token to get authorization to access Microsoft Rest APIs, like  Dynamics 365 Connector, among others. Inspired by Office 365 Connector from Forge.  The Demo of this component is available here . Bear in mind that this is only a way to do it. Feedback is very welcome.

This module 

What’s new (1.0.7)

Includes the following bug fixes and features:

  • Correction of bug with tokens that include special characters "-" and "_" (support ticket here);
    • When converting a Token Payload, that included a special character, from Base64 to String,  it would fail. The extension action which does this conversion, expects "+" and "/", respectively. This would happen when payload included characters such as "ã".
  • Added the concept of roles associated with OAuth2Application
    • On Azure, applications have roles, and this configuration will allow synching to work correctly aligned with Azure AD;
  • Correction on roles syncing process
    • The action of role syncing will now only affect roles configured for that application on Microsoft Login Connector Management. From now on, roles from other applications won't be revoked (support ticket here);
    • The matching per role name was taking account roles of removed eSpaces.

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