Microsoft Login Connector Core

Stable version 1.0.8 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Microsoft Login Connector Core

This is the Core component to execute and oAuth2 Authentication. It has the action and the Rest wrappers to communicate with Microsoft to get and Authentication token. This component is necessary to use the Microsoft Login Connector Reactive.
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Microsoft Login Connector enables you to Login using Microsoft credentials with OAuth 2.0 from Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). In addition to the actual Login, this enables you to use OAuth Token to get authorization to access Microsoft Rest APIs, like  Dynamics 365 Connector, among others. Inspired by Office 365 Connector from Forge.  The Demo of this component is available here . Bear in mind that this is only a way to do it. Feedback is very welcome.

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What’s new (1.0.8)

Updated for latest version of Outsystems platform.

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