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Deeplink Redirect Web

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 27 May 2020 by 
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Deeplink Redirect Web

Traditional Web application with redirect block to either open your mobile app on a specific page, open the App store / Play store to download your mobile app or open a fallback url. Deeplink Web should be used together with Deeplink Mobile.
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The component Deeplink Redirect Web contains a reusable Redirectblock to create a redirect web page for shareable links (from component Deeplink Mobile).  The web redirect page contains script to do the following.

On mobile, the redirect page opens your mobile app on a specific page using deeplinks or opens the App store for iOS  or Google Play store for Android to download your mobile app. On desktop, it opens a fallback url.

This component should be used together with Deeplink Mobile.

Release notes (1.0.1)

Component is renamed to 'Deeplink Redirect Web' since this is the traditional web version.

Made some corrections in the redirect script

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