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Sharepoint Integration using Windows Authentication

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Sharepoint Integration using Windows Authentication

This component shows how to integrate to Microsoft Sharepoint (on-prem installation of Sharepoint) from Outsystems using Windows Authentication and Sharepoint REST API's
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This component demonstrates the integration of Outsystems to on-prem installation of sharepoint server using windows based integrated authentication.  Following sharepoint REST API's are implemented in this components:

1. Connecting to Sharepoint server using Integrated Authentication

2. Getting all folders from sharepoint site

3. Getting files from a sharepoint site folder

4. Getting Form-digest values for POST requests to Sharepoint server

5. Uploading files to sharepoint server using the form-digest

We need Form Digest value for any POST , PUT or DELETE requests to sharepoint server. This is a fairly short lived token that is sent back to the requesting entity to validate the call and it’s rights. In order to get this you will have to make a call from the current users context .

Please note : DO NOT USE THIS COMPONENT directly. For this component to work, please make to Change the hostname of the RESTAPI's. ALso since this component used integrated authentication, please make sure your outsystems authentication is set to AD authentication and your applications are automatically authenticated by WIndows authentication.

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