Image Utils Reactive

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Created on 18 November 2019

Image Utils Reactive

Image Utilities (Resize, Crop, Identify width & height, Get & Fix Orientation, Sharpening, Watermark) for Reactive Apps using JS Canvas. HUGE file size savings (kilobytes, even megabytes).
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HUGE file size savings (kilobytes, even megabytes) in this new version.

- Now output image to JPEG, not PNG
- Watermark processing still using PNG to maintain alpha channel / transparency.
- New JPEG Quality input parameter (default to 0,7)

Client-side mobile action:

1. Resize: resize any binary data to a Maximum Width or Height (maintain aspect ratio), auto sharpen & fix orientation...

2. Crop: crop any binary data to a specific dimension

3. Identify: identify width, height and orientation, file size in bytes of binary data

4. GetOrientation: get orientation of image file (only source binary data with EXIF info)

5. FixOrientation: fix image orientation by orientation input parameter or automatically without orientation input parameter (only source binary data with EXIF info)

6. Sharpen: sharpen image

7. AddImageWatermark: add an image as watermark to source image...


- GetOrientation will failed if used on Resize/Crop image binary data output, use it on original image binary data.

- This is not a UI Cropper (where you can control using touch interaction)

- Currently only tested for Chrome browser and Android (as I don't have Mac/Safari/iPhone)

Anyone want to donate :)

I received donation through Paypal at

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by sherin
in version 1.0.0
I've used the resize feature for my project and it work tremendously! Thank you for such a superb library.
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