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OutSystems.AI Chatbot Reactive

Stable version 1.3.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems.AI Chatbot Reactive

Chatbots act as a first line-of-communication, providing support to customers while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Add the OutSystems.AI Chatbot Reactive component to Service Studio and start creating your own chatbots with Chatbot Configurator to allow users to interact with your services via a chat interface.
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Key features

  • Chatbot connected to Azure Bot Services in your OutSystems apps.

  • Build a FAQ chatbot in just a few minutes with Chatbot Configurator

  • Quick customization of the bot's response logic and interface.

  • Compatible with a set of Azure services such as LUIS.

You can log this component deployment's data, including if it's running in a live or testing environment. Disable this by setting the site property AllowTelemetry to false. This data is handled internally to support decisions in further product developments. 

Release notes (1.3.2)


  • Fixed an issue where when using the block ChatbotAdvanced, no messages were received.
License (1.3.2)
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in version 1.3.1
Love it, though there are very few style editing options which causes conflict with the app's theme. For example, if the app's theme has a black background with white text, the AI style will remain with a white background and white text.