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Browser Logger Utils

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 01 January 2020 by 
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Browser Logger Utils

Browser javascript logger functions wrapped on OutSystems.
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In order to do it, a list of OutSystems wrapper actions are avaliable to easily use the Console JavaScript object.

Console_LogDisplays a log message. More info:
Console_WarnDisplays a warning message. More info:
Console_ErrorDisplays an error message. More info:
Console_CountLogs the number of times this actions has been called with the given label (if provided). More info:
Console_DirDisplays an interactive listing of the properties of a specified JavaScript object. This listing lets you use disclosure triangles to examine the contents of child objects. More info:
Console_Table_ListDisplays a list as tabular data. More info:
Console_Table_ObjectDisplays a record as tabular data. More info:
Console_AddTimeStampAdds a marker to the browser's Timeline or Waterfall tool. Check for more info:
Console_StartTimerStarts a timer. If provided, names the timer with indicated label. More info:
Console_ShowTimeLogLogs the current value of a timer that was previously started by calling the action Console_StartTimer (aka console.time()) to the console. If there is no running timer, timeLog() returns a warning. More info:
Console_EndTimerStops the specified timer and logs the elapsed time in seconds since it started. To stop a labeled timer it should be indicated in the label attribute. More info:

For more info, check this component's documentation. 

Open for any feedback :)

Release notes (1.1.0)


  • Fixed bug preventing console.table from filtering attributes.

Breaking Changes

  • Console_Table_List action is not expecting the attributes to be a comma separated string of attributes.

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