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Microsoft Login Connector Management

Stable version 1.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 27 September 2022 by 
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Microsoft Login Connector Management

Application needed to manage the configuration for Microsoft Login Connector components. You will also need the following other components for a complete package: - Microsoft Login Connector Core - Microsoft Login Connector Reactive
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First release.


  • Central registration of Azure AD Applications
  • Central registration of Azure AD API resources (Two API's are provided by default)
  • Assigning these applications and resources to Espaces so they can be used by the Microsoft Login Connector Reactive component
Release notes (1.0.9)


  • Azure B2C support. You can now logon users from your Business to Consumer tenant.
  • New role mapping feature. Now you can assign OutSystems roles to the user during logon. This does not work together with the Azure AD Roles feature. It’s one or the other.
  • A new action for requesting a token for Application-to-Application authentication.


  • Added an icon to (hopefully) all public actions for easy recognition.
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in version 1.0.6
What should I input on the Tenant's part?
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