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Input Mask React

Stable version 1.0.10 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 3 Feb by 
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Input Mask React

Input Mask for Reactive applications based on
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Input Mask for Reactive applications based on

It uses the vanilla javascript library instead of the jquery one.

Icons made by  Freepik from

Release notes (1.0.10)


  • Improved the OnDestroy logic to better handle an edge case scenario where the input mask was added to an input with the same exact Id on both the initial and final screen on the transition.
License (1.0.10)
Reviews (4)
26 Jan
in version 1.0.9
Useful component.

However, there are a few issues:

1. It seems that the OptionalDisplayDecimalDigits input is actually hardcoded to always be True in the component itself.
2. When used in components it can sometimes cause the screen to crash because of JS inside the component that blocks the event log.
3. Depending on the use case, it can produce very bad rounding errors - completely inaccurate results which show to the user.
in version 1.0.8
Infelizmente não funciona corretamente quando se trata de retornar o valor inteiro ao realizar a alteração de um registro.
Se o valor estiver registrado como 10, deveria mostrar 10,00 mas continua exibindo 10.

DecimalDigits = 2
PrefixText = "RS "
SuffixText = ""
DecimalSeparator = ","
AlwaysShowDecimalDigits = true
in version 1.0.8
This forge component is bugged.
Deleting a field value using delete key does not delete the masked values.  Had to use backspace key to clear the mask buffer.