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MS Graph Connector & Oauth 2.0

Stable version 0.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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MS Graph Connector & Oauth 2.0

Using Azure Portal, MS Graph API and OAuth 2.0 endpoints to send an email from a functional email. For example,
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A simple component to send email from application as a functional user. For example, sometimes it will be required to send email from application to the recipients with the sender email as "". 

To achieve this using Azure and MS Graph API, first we need to register an application in Azure AD. Please refer the below URL to know how to do this.

Make sure "Mail.Send" API has been granted from MS Graph category in Request API Permissions page.

Steps to configure the credentials:

  • Once the app is registered successfully, copy Client Id, generate/copy Client Secret and Tenant Id
  • Open Core module
  • Go to Data tab -> Site Properties
  • Click on "AppClientId" and in the property window "Default Value" replace the copied cliend id from Azure
  • Repeat this step for Client Secret (AppClientSecret) and Tenant Id (AppTenant)
  • For FunctionalEmail property, replace the functional email configure in the Tenant in Azure
  • Publish the module
  • Update the dependency in demo app

Hurray!!! it's time to test the app :)

Note: This is a sample app done as part of my learning, so there may not be standard conventions followed for variable names, exception handling, etc. Please feel free to post your feedback so I will try to update in the next versions.

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