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Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 28 October 2020 by 
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A component that will help you add placeholders on your mobile and reactive application
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How to use

1. Install and reference this component in your app;

2. Add the EasyPlaceholder block to your page and add the content to its placeholder;

3. In the elements where you want the placeholder animation, add the class "place". For example, if you want to animate an expression add the class "place" to that expression. Keep in mind that the expression must be inside the EasyPlaceholder block.

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Release notes (1.0.3)

Improved browser css compatibility

Reviews (3)
in version 1.0.3
Overall this is a great solution, that solves 99% of our cases with success. As feedback, maybe the following features could be implemented as plus to improve it even better:

- When I don't have any control over the elements that I will receive (imagine from some API), we could assume a default number of elements (for example 5, or configurable), so that we can have something to be displayed.
- ExtendedClass could be a plus but not a major feature since we can reach that with other CSS rule.

Great work!
in version 1.0.3
Great work!
in version 1.0.0
Amazing work!