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Forge Components Installed Versions

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 15 April 2020 by 
 (7 ratings)

Forge Components Installed Versions

Check the versions of the components you have currently installed in your environment.
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WARNING: This component is provided AS-IS with no warranty and is not supported by OutSystems.

Check the versions of the components you have currently installed in your environment.

The only components shown in the list, are the ones installed directly from OutSystems Forge. Any component deployed between environments will not be recognized.

Notice: This component takes advantage of private and undocumented Platform APIs, which can change without notice. As a result, this component may unexpectedly break as the Platform is upgraded. We advise proper testing to ensure that your applications continue to work as expected when upgrading/patching the Platform.

Release notes (1.0.1)

We fixed a bug that would impact the components list in the environments of a components creator. This would cause the list to show repeated components, after those being updated.

Reviews (3)
in version 1.0.1
Useful tool thanks. An export function would be great.
in version 1.0.1
Very usefull
in version 1.0.1
Installed 1.0.1 in DEV. Did not explore but it seems useful to understand what is installed from the Forge. Uses 7 AOs.
I miss already two functionalities:
1) Link to go to the Forge Component page, so that I can explore the component.
2) It would be very helpful to know what is the current version of the components in the Forge so to know if the component needs update.
Also, title of page could be set instead of using the name of the screen in the OML, "ComponentsList". I see this all the time happening from developers.
--Tiago Bernardo
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