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Prompt to Install PWA

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 15 April 2020 by 
Vitor Teixeira
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Prompt to Install PWA

Simple component to help promote how to add a PWA to the home screen in iOS devices. 📝We would appreciate it if you can leave any feedback or questions using the Support tab. Please let us know of any use cases that are not covered or issues while trying to use the component.
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Promote that your PWA is installable in iOS. 

iOS does not offer a default prompt for users to  know that an app is a PWA or to install it.

This component offers a block that only appears to iOS Safari users and will show a customizable button, followed by a popup instructing the user how to add the app to the Home Screen.

How to use this plugin?

All you have to do is place the PromptIToInstallOnIOS block where it makes more sense in your app, style it to match your brand and you are good to go. 

As a rule of thumb, for better conversion consider your user journeys and decide when users  would be likely to commit to adding the app to their device's home screen.

The component also offers two helper functions. One that allows checking if the user is using iOS Safari (isIOSSafari) and another one to check if the app is already running in standalone mode (isRunningAsPWA)

For further customization of the button, the CSS class  'ios-pwa-install-btn' is also available.

Known limitations:

  • Although the block will not show when running as a PWA, if the user visits the site in Safari again it will (because technically it's not possible to check if the app was already added to the home screen.)
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