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Pdf to Image

Stable version 0.5.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 16 April 2020 by 
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Pdf to Image

Convert PDF to png image format (only 1 page) This make use of free version of GemBox.Pdf from this version can convert PDF (first page) to image. the purpose is to create image thumbnail. keyword : pdf to image, pdfToimage, PDF
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To display binary image into image component. you can convert binary to base64 and choose Type to External and add following tag in image Type URL

data:image/png;base64,"+ BinaryToBase64(imageBinary)

Note : BinaryToBase64 is in Dependency "BinaryData"

keyword : pdf to image, pdfToimage, PDF

Release notes (0.5.1)

- Pack to OAP

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