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Reactive Multiple File Upload

Stable version 2.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Reactive Multiple File Upload

Multiple file upload for Reactive web applications (YouTube tutorial included in the description).
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- Lightweight on network data since it uses DataURL instead of Binary;

- Uses Service Actions to promote Loosely coupling;

- Allows the simultaneous upload of multiple files and of different file types;

- Accepts all file formats since it uses the standard HTML file input element;

- Allows the front end to specify the accepted file types;

- Keeps the page Lightweight since it automatically reads and stores the Files on a temporary table to clear them of as soon as possible;

- The temporary table is cleared daily (timer can be configured in service center);

- Files are deleted depending on how old they are (time span can be configured on the site property)

- Get files binary by their Identifier;

- Allows you to add more files to the temporary table without using the file upload widget, to give you comparability with other functionalities of your app;

FileUpload_BinaryData component:

This component allows you to get the binary files and manage the upload on your own application, without storing them on the component temporary table (as happens on MultipleFileUpload component).

Check out this component's version for Web Traditional Applications. It offers low impact on the View State!

Release notes (2.0.2)
  • Fixed bug that made uploading files possible when the initial state of the component was disabled;
  • OutSystemsUI update;
Reviews (7)
10 Aug
in version 2.0.2
The component works well but has some little points to review.
It would be nice to edit the prompt of the upload and the service action GetFileById isn't returning the FileSize.
4 Jun
in version 2.0.2
Very nice and well documented plugin
in version 2.0.2
This is a great component
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