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Timing Events

Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 06 September 2022 by 
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Timing Events

OutSystems implementation of the Javascript Timing Events. It supports both onInterval and onTimeout.
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Version 1.0.1.

Timing Events is a small library to get onInterval and onTimeout actions into your reactive application. 

To use drag either widget into your workspace and configure the (optional) parameters. Configure an Action to the "Triggered" event and your done!

Release notes (1.0.3)


  • Changed the icon so it is better visible when Service Studio is set to Dark Mode.
  • Renamed the "Triggered" event to "OnAction" to be better in line with javascript naming conventions.
  • Added more descriptions to the demo app.
  • Added a better logging to the demo app. This should make it more clear when events are triggered.
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