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DocuSign 2.1 APIs

Stable version 1.0.8 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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DocuSign 2.1 APIs

This DocuSign connector extends the great work already done by Upresh Tikam. I have extended his connector to allow you to embed the eSignature in-app. Original connector here:
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This component allows developers to create, manage, send and embed eSignatures using DocuSign services with version 2.1.

Following are the actions user can use to integration the DocuSign services:

  • Authentication: This action allow developers to get logic information for a specified user.
  • CreateandSendEnvelope: This action is used to create and send envelope for electronic signature
  • CreateandSendEnvelopeCustomBody: This action is used to create and send envelope for electronic signature, the difference from CreateandSendEnvelope is, it allows developers to create and pass customised request as an input
  • DownloadDocument: This action can be used to download document for specified envelope id.
  • GenerateXDocuSignAuthenticationKey: This is a utility action used to create XDocuSignAuthenticationKey required in all other actions. It takes Username, Password and IntegrationKey as in input. For more information to fetch this details refer
  • GetAuditEvents: List all the audit events for the specified envelope
  • GetEnvelopeStatus: Fetches the status for specified envelope
  • ListDocuments: List all the documents in specified envelope
  • ListEnvelopes: List all the envelopes for specified account id
  • UpdateDocument: Allows user to update an existing document
  • UpdateDocumentCustomBody: Same as above, difference is that developer can pass customised JSON as an input
  • UpdateEnvelope: Allows user to update an existing envelope
  • UpdateEnvelopeCustomBody: Same as above, difference is that developer can pass customised JSON as an input
Release notes (1.0.8)

API Method DocuSignCreateCustomEnvelopes is Added to Create Envelop using Template along with Dynamic fields on the document that needs to be filled on run time.

- ClientUserId - It is mandatory to use when using Docusign API using Template.

- RoutingOrder - It can be sued if multiple signers must sign the Document sequentially.

- Tabs         - This field can be used to populate Custom Fields/Data Labels (Dynamic fields) on the Document that needs signing.

Action CreateSendEnvelopesByTemplateV2 is Added to Call DocuSignCreateCustomEnvelopes API Methods

and also a few structures are added as required.


The screen UploadTextKeys is added to upload the keys

License (1.0.8)
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in version 1.0.0
Usefull feature made easy
in version 1.0.0
Very useful component for out customers! For demo app running with Chrome simulator there was small change I had to add to make sure the return url is correct.